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What The OptiMISER® System Can Do

Our specialty is cutting your PE resin costs.

Reducing material costs can provide the strategic advantage you need in today's competitive market. The OptiMISER System opens the door to those opportunities by formulating blends using lower-cost recycled polyethylene resins — in minutes — eliminating trial and error.

Benefits of The OptiMISER System
  • Repeatable PE resin cost savings
    Optimize the use of multiple resin grades for multiple products, time after time. OptiMISER software takes into account quantities of available ingredients and their costs, and consistently reduces total raw material costs.

  • Improved material utilization
    By optimizing the specification for each of your products you can often light-weight or down-gauge.

  • Improved material processability
    With advanced characterization techniques, you can formulate polyethylene blends that improve the way the material processes while reducing scrap.

  • Low-cost material characterization
    When you are licensed to use The OptiMISER System, you have exclusive access to our material testing methods.

  • All polyethylene resins and grades
    The OptiMISER System works with all grades of polyethylene, HDPE, MDPE, LLDPE, LDPE and HMWPE

  • Value-added or specialty resins
    High-value polyethylene resin blends can be designed and created using lower-cost commodity grades, wide specification, recycled and reprocessed resins.

  • Blend attributes tailored to specific products
    Material properties can be tailored to individual products and their applications. The properties of any polyethylene blend are easily changed and optimized for each different product. (Using one material grade for all products or sizes of products is typically not the lowest-cost solution!)
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