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How The OptiMISER® System Works

Process assessment
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Blending for the right properties every time.

Routine output of high-quality product starts with a clear understanding of the product requirements and the material properties for each potential resin component.

Using advanced formulation software, accurate polyethylene resin characteristics and in-depth knowledge of resin behaviors, The OptiMISER System works on all polyethylene resins and grades-- for the first time bringing together the various resin attributes that ultimately predict product quality.

With every blend you get formulations optimized not only for cost, but for your key properties ensuring cost-effective, high-quality products.

There are four steps to implementing The OptiMISER System.

Step 1: Process assessment

Our engineers first perform a process assessment to establish the key characteristics reflecting your operation and product requirements. This provides the information we need to customize your software with the right attributes for your manufacturing processes, blending capabilities, and product performance specifications.

Step 2: Software setup

The OptiMISER System is all-inclusive—with the only formulation software able to maintain or improve product quality and processability with blends that include wide-specification and/or recycled polyethylene resins. We take the attributes from your process assessment and build them into the software, customizing your formulation parameters exclusively for your operation.

Step 3: Rapid material testing

Before blend formulization, we use rapid material characterization methods to determine the key properties of a material for your application. This ensures that all blend components' process and performance properties are known and compatible.

Using unique algorithms for each material property, OptiMISER software calculates and optimizes the key resin performance attributes.

Now, you're ready to create and evaluate your blends. Within seconds, OptiMISER formula optimization software produces a series of polyethylene blend recipes, all prioritized by least cost. You choose the formulation that best meets your needs.

For a video demonstration of The OptiMISER System software program, click here.

Turnkey support

Advanced Blending Technologies works as your partner in blend formulation. We're the experts in this system and we'll help you become experts, too.

System setup
Our engineers set up your system and make sure it's running smoothly.

System training
The OptiMISER System is easy to use requiring little training, which we will provide.

Advice on right-sizing blending capabilities
Advanced Blending Technologies can help you review your blending operation and recommend the right equipment for maximum cost effectiveness.

Onsite materials test lab assistance
When you're ready, we can help you set up an onsite material test lab of your own.

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To download The OptiMISER System brochure in PDF form, click here.
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